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Fantastic food and wonderul service!

They were having an issue with their computer and inadvertently got my order wrong (missed one of my items). The guy who I assume was the manager apologized and offered me a free drink while I waited.

Then, a minute or so after I left I got a call from the restaurant. The same guy was on the other end. He said they missed the extras I added to my order and asked if I would like to come back to get them. I said sure considering I was right across the street. When I got there he profusely apologized and instead of giving me my extras in a little container or something he handed me an entire new order of food and said "have dinner for two nights".

Of course he didn't have to do any of this, and of course the food and drink he comped me probably only costs them like a dollar, but he really went the extra mile to make up for the mistakes. I will absolutely be back!


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Ok so there was on option on the toppings one one of my entrees that said I could get a high five from the driver. He came upstairs and I in fact got my high five. I'm so glad I noticed that little detail because that really made the whole experience so much fun. Thank you for that. It really was just something I needed after a long week at work and a very busy day at work.

Please tell the delivery person if it's possible, that he's now my favorite. Thank you!


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Delivery came 20 minutes before the estimated arrival time which was awesome. Also, I asked for them to make one of the dishes spicy if possible and not only did they do that (and the taste was amazing) they also put a note on the lid saying if it wasnt spicy enough they were including extra hot pepper. I was just really impressed with the service and the food was super yummy. Ill def order from here again!


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Only 4 stars because I ordered the food one night and it never arrived. I had a garbled VM that I couldn't understand, and I have to admit I didn't call the restaurant to see what was going on. I later spoke with the client services manager AJ and he could not have been nicer. He refunded my $ and won a customer for life. The food is great, and obviously they have great service.


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I absolutely love The Pasta Bowl in Lincoln Park. It's my go-to for Italian food. They have excellent service and their food is to die for. They even customize everything the way you want it. The conchigle is my very favorite. Last time I went I ordered the gnocchi aurora, not a fan, it's very sweet.

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The food was really delicious and i guess the restaurant was busy because it took a while. But honestly, the woman who answered the phone was very sweet.


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High price for pasta but is fresh and good


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Great place for classic homestyle Italian


1 review
Great flavor, lots of food!


1 review
Great tasting food!

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Grab a seat at the counter and watch our cooks prepare your meal from scratch right in front of you. Or settle into a cozy booth and enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere that's almost as legendary as our signature Farfalle Pollo sauce!